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Johnny 06/15/2016,

Well I think so. 🙂 This has been trending on Twitter.

But Twitter have been trying to suppress this hashtag not letting it auto complete etc.

I’m not a fan of either Trump or Billary but there is such a thing as fair play. Twitter shouldn’t have the right to promote their political leanings newspapers and tv stations do enough of that. Regards Trump I do think he’s done an amazing job becoming leader of the repub party just six months ago nobody would have thought it could happen. He has a good chance of becoming President of USA but if he did he’d be just another president that didn’t keep his promises on the run up to the election, Billary won’t either. It happens all the time all over the world Prime Minister, President, in the end they’re all lying politicians.

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  • Pete ,

    It seems that Trump is on the way to doing something that no one else has been able to do... I think we might be getting a viable third party; The Democrats, The Dumbasses (old Republican Party) and The NEW Republicans (old Republican party members who are not Dumbasses).

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  • Johnny ,

    If Clinton does get kicked out of running over the email thing it could be like a 4 party. 🙂 Bernie is hanging in thinking that could happen and his politics isn't the norm dem. I read something in Washington Post a couple weeks ago which said that a high percentage of Sanders followers would vote for Trump as opposed to Clinton. Uk is heading for a similar split there's gonna be fireworks once the Euro Election is over as far as the conservative party are concerned whether we remain ot leave. Fun times. 🙂

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