The Euro football in France is now a total embarrassment

Johnny 06/15/2016,

Idiot Brit fans idiot Russian fans. Actually the troublemakers aren’t fans true fans don’t act like the twats they are they’re totally messing things up for the real fans that are there for the football. As if France hasn’t got enough to deal with at the moment. Do these idiots care? No. If I had anything to do with the law in France I’d make them work unpaid for 6 months in the refugee camps in Calais.

Most of the troublemakers seem to be around late 20’s to mid 50’s age wise people that should no better. You can guarantee most of them are benefit cheats never done a days work in their life and have no intention of doing so. They get more benefits than a person doing a 40 hour week on the minimum wage and believe me it’s not easy to get a 40 hour week with the zero hours contracts. They get twice as much when everything is thrown in. The average working person wouldn’t be able to follow the team across France for a month and drink like they do. Worse is that people like them have the rights to vote in the Euro Election next week it shouldn’t be allowed the same with general elections. They don’t pay into the tax pot, haven’t and never will so they have no right to decide where mine and other taxpayers money goes they’re scumbags. They’re costing France a fortune on policing when France has to deal with all the terrorist threats the slobs are disgusting.

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