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TurtleBoy 06/06/2016

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Comicality's IRC Server information

TurtleBoy 11/22/2014

Getting an IRC Client:

If you don't want to install a program, simply click the following link to visit the IRC in your browser:  Comicality's Chatter Box -

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.  It's an old-school technology that's been around since the dawn of time... or at least not long after the Internet was born.  Anyway, in order to join an IRC you may need to download and install a program.  Some popular ones for Windows are:

Ice Chat:


If you're on a Mac, you can try:


I have no experience with Mac IRC clients, so if you know of a better IRC client for this operating system, please let us know!

If you're on an Android device:

And Chat:

If you use Mozilla's Thunderbird as an email client, you already have an IRC client.  Moreover, if you use Mozilla's Firefox, you can install a plugin called ChatZilla as well:

Joining the IRC Server:

To connect to Comicality's IRC server, in your IRC Client simply add a new server connection with the following information:

Server name:

Port: 6667 (This is usually the default, so you probably won't have to enter the port number.  However, if you're having problems connecting check to see if you're IRC client is connecting to this port) We currently do not support SSL connections to the IRC.

Once you've connected to the server, type in the following and then press Enter/Okay:

/join #comicality

That's it!  You're all set.  You should now be connected to Comicality's IRC!

Specific installation and setup information per-client is coming soon.



 Chatter Box Rules:



These rules may change at any time, due to necessity! But for now, My friend 'Pengy' here is going to guard them for me! So behave yourselves! 😛



These are rules that I would like to have clearly posted for everyone to see before any of the usual problems even begin, as they do with every other chatroom on the internet! Hehehe! So please take a moment to look them over, and keep them in mind. Hopefully this will make sure that everyone who visits the Chatterbox will have a fun time in a safe environment for all. Cool?

#1- This is NOT a dating site. Please don't use it as one. I've got nothing against you guys talking and having a good time with one another, and if you two get never know! 🙂 Maybe you'll find someone special through the site. That's a beautiful thing. But please don't just show up to the chatroom for the first time with an 'a/s/l' (age/sex/location) tag, looking for booty! That's not what the site is for. There are PLENTY of places for that online, just...not this one. K? And if you solicit a minor? Things will not end up well for you. Trust me on this. So...use common sense on this one.

#2- No Pornography.  Many times, you guys may want to share personal pics of yourself, your friends and family, or just cool stuff that you find online. Maybe you want to trade links to videos and the like also. However...please refrain from posting pornography directly into the chatroom. That's a no no. I shouldn't have to tell you guys what pornography is, but since I'm being 'technical' here...let me specify...

- No pictures displaying blatant acts of sexual activity of any kind. Even if the naughty parts aren't sweaty guy standing naked behind another sweaty guy with a look of euphoria on his face...we know what that is. Hehehe, dpon't do it.

- No pictures of nudity where erections, reproductive organs, etc are clearly being put on display. An occasional pic of a nude butt here and there is ok, but if he's bent over and giving us the old 'b.O.b.' spread...that's obviously not going to be appropriate.

- No pictures of nudity concerning anyone under the age of 18. Let me repeat...NO pictures of nudity involving anyone underage! None. Nada. Ok? Ever. I don't care how innocent or artistic it may seem, it's best to just leave it out of the chatroom altogether. Don't do it! Even if you're 16 and it's a selfie you just took in the bathroom mirror...don't let it cross that chatroom scroll. Period.

- No LINKS may be posted to outside pictures involving any of the above. That includes videos or porn sites of any kind. If you know of a really hot video and you want to share it with somebody, get their email...send it to them privately. Don't do it in the chatroom. That leads to problems faster than you could ever imagine.

These rules are pretty straightforward. Please don't be one of those people who instantly sees this as a reason to test boundaries and search for loopholes in the system. That's just silly. No porn! Very simple. K? The only exception would be to share a written story that you like from Nifty, GayAuthors, or any other place online. And even then, I'd prefer that be done privately. K?

#3- Be nice! You guys know how to be nice, right? If you have trouble being in an online chatroom without verbally attacking and abusing the people around you...then you have rage issues. Get help. It's not necessary. Asking you guys to be civil to one another shouldn't make you feel restricted or censored at all. Just remember that there are going to be people there from all over the globe. Different beliefs, different backgrounds, different ideas, different ages, etc. Everybody doesn't have to be best friends, just show respect for one another and let's not get crazy. Ok?

Debate is natural. Even welcome. Speak your mind, be yourselves, share your ideas. But allow other people the chance to the same. Even if they disagree or are in direct conflict with your own beliefs...they're allowed to have a voice just like you are. Talk. Discuss. Argue, if you have to. But if things are getting out of hand...just agree to disagree and let it go. There are no rewards given to the 'victor' anyway. Don't flood the chatroom with anger and negativity, because that ruins the night for everybody. If you want to continue the emails, do it privately. It doesn't belong in the chat. Talk amongst yourselves and battle it out until your laptops run out of juice if you want to...just don't bring it to the chat.

#4- Harassment of any kind is NOT allowed! Hounding somebody every time they come into chat...that's just ridiculous. Bullying? Not allowed. Comments that are blatantly racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semetic, or meant to be hurtful or demeaning? NOT allowed. This includes bashing religious beliefs or cultural prejudice. Just don't be a jerk to other people. That's all it is. I honestly trust you guys, so I feel silly writing some of these rules down, but it has to be done. Because some people are just...clueless sometimes about how they treat people. So please, common sense, ok? Even if you think you're just joking around...behave.

#5- Please don't linger. That's a 'personal' Comsie rule, because I honestly find it to be kind of rude. I know that a lot of people do it, and I know that it's not meant to be insulting. I understand. You may just want to keep a window open on your computer so you don't have to keep logging in and out, or maybe you just want to be alerted to something special happening. But, if you're going to lurk...keep it reasonable. If you keep the chatroom open while watching a TV show or you're on the phone...maybe while you eat dinner or run out to the store for a minute...that's fine. Just don't sign into the chat at 10PM and then go to SLEEP for 8 hours! Sign out, and sign back in when you wake up. K? Because what happens is sometimes people come by wanting to chat (I've done it many times myself), and it's like "Awesome! There's ten people in the chatroom!" And they say hello and everybody is asleep, or at work, or in Paris for the weekend, whatever. And those people feel ignored. Some even feel rejected. So if you lurk every now and then, that's cool, but do it within reason. If you're not participating In the chat, just log out and come back when you're not busy.

Now, if you're actively watching the chatroom, but just aren't 'talking'...that's fine. Because if you're reading what's going on, then you're technically involved. I just mean open the chatroom the second you turn your PC on and leave it on all night without even looking at it. there's no need to maintain a presence in a room that you're not actively a part of.

#6- Don't go too far. Now, I'm not really strict at all about what we talk about in the chatroom. I know some other places are, but I probably have at least 120,000 inappropriate thoughts a day! Hehehe, so I'm hardly the one to be a harsh judge on what you guys discuss in the chatroom. I want you guys to be comfortable. We can talk about sex and politics and controversy, etc. We can throw out a few dirty jokes here and there. Sometimes, you get a perverted urge to be spontaneous. That's fine. Language is no big deal for me either. I said, don't go too far! Ok? If you notice someone that feels offended or uncomfortable with what's going on, please be respectful of that. Behave. I'm not strict about that kind of thing, but I'm not giving you a free license to alienate everyone in the room with comments that may come off as rude or unsuitable for mixed company. (And certainly not if it falls into the racist/sexist/homophobic list mentioned up above) I want everyone to have fun. Just know when to reel it in and maybe take the hint when you've gone a little over the top.

#7- Pretending to be another member of the Shack is not allowed. Find your own username and stick with it. Don't sign in as 'Comicality' and hold a three hour chat when you know damn well that you are NOT 'Comicality'! That will get you banned. So don't do it. Again, common sense. Impersonating other people isn't cool. Also...I understand that the internet provides us all with a touch of anonymity that we don't get in real life...but let me make this very clear, ok? If you happen to be a 30 year old banker from Kentucky, and I find out that you've been posing as a 14 year old boy from Indiana...all for the sake of engaging in long conversations with other teens who may be chatting at that are asking for BIG trouble! So don't do it! You know what I'm talking about, so don't pretend that you don't. I am very protective of our younger Shackers, and if what you're doing borders on solicitation, and I find about may be receiving a knock on your door from your local authorities. You're better off just being yourself and having fun with the rest of us. I only give ONE warning in situations like that. If I catch you doing it, being banned from the chatroom will be the least of your problems!

#8- I am the one and only authority in the Chatterbox Chatroom. Just me. Comicality. Period. No one else. Yes, that makes this a dictatorship. But as many of you guys know, I'm ALWAYS willing to be fair to you guys. As far as I'm concerned, the chatroom itself comes first. You can be my WORST enemy in the world...but if you want to come and chat with everybody, you're more than welcome. I'm the only person that can boot anyone from the chat, I'm the only one who can ban anyone's IP. But I will never ever do so without writing to you (Or putting up a notice to ask you to write to me, if I don't have your email address) to tell you why. And we can discuss it from there. If you read the above rules, you should already know what is and is not allowed. But even if it's not on this list...and I find that you're being a serious disruption to what's going on there, then you and I will have a talk. If two or more other people are having a dispute, send me a message. I want to hear everybody's version of the story, and I'll make a decision. What I hope will be a fair decision. And I will contact everyone involved to tell them how I came to that decision. Alright?

Now every course of action isn't se in stone. If something goes awry and you promise not to do it again or learned your lesson, can come back. I mean, talk to me. I'm extremely reasonable about these things. We're all human. I'm flexible, I'm open to me. But if you don't talk to me...and things get out of hand on multiple occasions, you're not going to be helping your case any. Don't have three or four different people coming to me telling me that you've been bullying them with nasty comments two or three times a week and then just expect to say sorry and make it go away. I'm flexible, but I'm not an idiot. Don't be a troublemaker, and you guys will have nothing to worry about.

#9- Tap out. I, personally, have a really 'slow burn' kind of temper. It really takes a LOT to get me upset to the point where I feel the need to lash out at somebody. But unfortunately...when I've been pushed to that point, then lashing out is exactly what I'm going to do. And that's when feelings get hurt, because by then I'm sooooo angry and soooo hurt that I've been pushed beyond the point of being nice at that point. That is something that I don't want to do with this chatroom. And I don't want you guys to do it either. If you're having a heated discussion in the chatroom, in the middle of an argument, and you feel it escalating to the point where you feel your blood boiling over it? Leave.

It's that simple. That's not admitting fault or any wrong doing on your part. Just...take a breath, sign out of the chatroom, and leave it alone. Don't keep pushing each other's buttons and building it up into some giant flame war. It's not necessary. Sometimes, you've got to just be the bigger person and walk away from the conflict. That's not always easy, but this is your chance to be the 'hero' for the day. Do it for me, k? Do it for the site. Arguing in a public chatroom can get out of hand really fast. Sometimes you may feel ganged up on, sometimes you may gather a cheering section and gang up on someone else, but don't let that push things over the edge. We're the Shack. We're a family here. Let's act like one.

Because if something goes haywire and I get involved, I'm going to want to know what *YOU* did in that situation! I don't want to hear, "Well HE said, SHE said, THEY said...", because that's not the point. What did YOU do? If you felt things going astray, just say, "I'm out." And gracefully leave the chatroom. They've got nobody to fight with. If they turn out to be a problem in the chatroom, let that be something that 'they' have to answer for. I can handle that myself. But don't make things worse by allowing the hostility to keep intensifying until the whole room breaks down. Ok?

Now, I truly believe that these simple rules are very easy to follow. They're not confining or oppressive. All I ask is that you be safe, have fun, and have respect for one another the same way that you guys have respect for one another. Very easy to remember. So read through these, and let me know if you think there's something missing or something you don't agree with. We can talk about it.

I'm not expecting things to be perfect. We're all human beings, and I'm sure conflicts will come and go over time. But as long as we 'deal' with them in an adult manner before it grows into something bigger than it needs to be, we can have a really great place to chat with one another and grow even stronger as an online community. It's not 'my' chatroom, it's 'our' chatroom. So let's build it up and make it something special!

Take care! Enjoy! And I hope to seezya soon! 🙂


Welcome to Comicality's Shack Out Back Network!

TurtleBoy 11/15/2014

Comicality's Shack Out Back originated long, long ago in a far off land, once called Tripod - one of the world's first free website providers that was really popular back in the 1990s.  Throughout the years, The Shack has gone through many transformations, reincarnations, several domain-relocations, until finally planting firm, crazy-deep roots using the Voy Forums.  This became The Shack's rock.  The good ol'Faithful that was always there, no matter what.  Well, except for the times when it exploded, but it always came back, and that's all that mattered!

Since finding Voy, followers of Comicality's Shack Out Back have become members, friends and even a semi-creepy cyber family.  As the family grew, so has Comicality's Shack Out Back.  We now consume 3 Voy Forums forums, a home-base for Comicality's stories, over at Gay Authors, a free online magazine, an entire website dedicated to Comicality's Gone From Daylight series, as well as a GFD Wiki, too!

But it doesn't stop there.  Comicality's writing has inspired so many new authors that they have gone off and formed their own websites to host their own stories, and some of them have even created their own communities!  All of this, all because one guy decided to write a story.  One guy.  That's the Butterfly Effect in action, huh?!

With such a large following, and so many branches to follow, we needed a place where we can keep track of what's what and where, not to mention by whosit!  So, if you haven't guessed by now, (Comicality's Shack Out Back Me!) is our portal to the entire community.  Here you'll find links to affiliated websites, official websites, and instructions on how to connect with us on our Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Take a look around.  Explore to your heart's content.  If you're a Comsie fan and have your own website, drop us a link and we'll share the love.   Most importantly, have fun!