Well, Voy is still down....

Comicality 06/12/2016

I was seriously hoping that the boards would be back up this weekend, but they're all on vacation or something. Sighhhh...

I'm sort of holding on to stuff for now, so I don't end up promoting a website with half of it being out of order. If it's not better by Wednesday, I'll just post anyway. It's gonna suck though. 🙁

Seriously, like...what the hell? You know? My anniversary is a week from today! Why did they have to break down right now? This is a milestone for us! Arrrrghhhh!!!


Yet another senseless mass-shooting...

Mike 06/12/2016

This time in Orlando, Florida. And a popular gay night club was the target.

It's still a fresh incident so there's no news on fatalities or casualties, but the gun man is reportedly dead.

There's no word on the motivation yet, that will come later. I have my ideas but no point jumping to conclusions. It doesn't help those hurt, or the families of those dead right now.

Here's a link to the news report.

UPDATE: Now the death toll stands at 50 and another 50 or so in hospitals.  🙁
As a result of the high number of deaths, it is the deadliest mass shooting in US history.
(Thank you Pete for the update).




All right people, let's build a boy!

TurtleBoy 06/11/2016

I'm curious, if you could build a boy to make your own, what would he look like? Let's get shallow here, folks. No "he'll have a great personality" crap. That stuff goes without saying. No one wants a douchebag (not you, Matt. You're our douchebag, and that's okay).

The catch, no images. You have to describe the boy's appearance... and I'm not just saying that because the comments can't handle embeds right now. 😛 Put some effort into it. Paint your boy with words. Make us want him, then snatch him up as your own!

Now let's go! Let's build a boy!


Website stats, for those who are worried about loading times.

TurtleBoy 06/11/2016

I've run this page through a website called Pingdom, which measures the load time and page size, and outlines the problem areas that are causing the website to load slowly.

While the embedded content does cause a delay, it's actually the javascript files that are making you wait the longest. I'm working on improving the site's performance and how it handles automatic embed links to help everything load faster and work better.

In comparison to Voy, we're still ahead of the game most of the game, unless you're visiting the site when we've got a lot of activity going on... That will cause load times to increase a little. Ask anyone in the chat room 😛 The server keeps splitting and everyone keeps getting separated. 😮

If Voy is still down this time next week, I'll upgrade the server's ram to make things better for us. In the meantime, please remember that I'm trying, and this place is still considered to be a temporary home.

If anyone would like to take a look at the page speed results, here's the link: https://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/dszpvj/https://csob.me



De Last Sunday Chill … On Saturday. :)

Johnny 06/11/2016

First I gotta tell you about our latest purchases. We’re going to a pyjama party tonight and this morning bought some really cool Ali Baba type Pyjama bottoms from the female dept. in Primark, they really are cool and cheap being Primark I better get groped tonite. 🙂 Not bothering with PJ tops it looks better without. I’ve gone off skinny jeans because its summer and they cause sweaty crotch syndrome but there were 4 guys in the girls dept. just at that time buying skinny’s as a lot of guys do, better fit.

I just mentioned the name Ali which by coincidence this post is about, Muhammad Ali. I’m not a big boxing fan but I do realise he was brilliant thing is he was courageous outside the ring as well as in. The way kept himself in the public eye while suffering from Parkinson’s all those years was really impressive. What I love about him is the way he could go off on a trip when he was talking a lot of the time going into rap before it was ever thought of just as Dylan did at times. This vid is a good example, a question that could have been answered in a minute becomes over 9 minutes for him. 🙂 Please don’t start on the anti religious thing it’s not the point of this post although you wouldn’t have argued with him. 🙂 It’s what he believed so let it be. I just love the way things came into his head and he went off on one of his motormouth trips he was brilliant especially for a guy that had a lack of education when he was a kid.


In the words of Pete...

Mike 06/10/2016

Now for something completely different.

To make this fascinating video, real human dancers were rigged up to motion capture suits while they recreated some of the most recognizable dance moves out there. The creators then used that data and built procedural animations and simulations around those funky fresh gyrations, resulting in human-like figures made from feathers, marbles, strings, and fur.

I bet this is particularly fun to watch while high. xD



Ace 06/10/2016

I have to admit even though I dont post too much on the forums it as really weird not having them for a while! Glad Turtleboy could get this mini one up and running! Who knows maybe it'll be better then the voy one!