Our friend JJ has been harassing Mr. Voy on our behalf, and he got a response!

TurtleBoy 06/14/2016

Below is the message, verbatim, as it was sent to me from Freefallen:

We created a Facebook page to notify your communities of the downage, and provide updates:  https://www.facebook.com/VoyForums

Dear Freefallen,

There's been a network block on a large upstream provider, which they've been unable to resolve [yet].  In the meantime they've notified us that they are making progress.  The block was due to a network misconfiguration which resulted in the network being blacklisted and, even though the issue had been fixed, we're told, they haven't been able to get the listing removed.  They're a powerful and widely-used set of lists -- the end result being the block on the entire network which includes many California companies, organizations, and even govt. services.  We've never experienced such downtime in over 22 years of operation and are working with them to resolve it, but unfortunately it's largely out of our hands.  We're currently working on other alternatives to get notice up as well as forums for use.  Our systems are our own physical machines, located in facilities close to the internet backbone, so it's not as easy of a decision not action to move them elsewhere -- we've been remarkably stable with this company for many years.

I'm any case, the forums -- servers, software, and data -- are all actually fine, it's just this horrible network issue and, again, we're not the only ones affected.

We're very sorry for the problem -- we haven't experienced such a thing in over 22 years of our company's operation, and we thank you for bearing with us.

VoyForums Support


American Gun Laws Are Often Debated

Johnny 06/13/2016

A lot of people outside of USA don't fully understand it myself being one but if some guys inside Pulse had been carrying a gun even if it was just management, security, staff etc. maybe many lives could have been saved. R I P Sisters and Brothers.


My experience with Atheist(ical) discrimination

eminem313 06/13/2016

So on Saturday I decided to take a trip down to Chapters to buy a new book (I'm almost finished Bill Nye's Undeniable) and I heard Kyle from Secular Talk recommend "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins so I decided to get it.

I hope all of you know I am a very respectful person in my day-to-day life. I went to a Catholic high-school. I believe in the constitution and freedom. So I have ZERO problem with religious people, (except radicals)

So why was it when I went to the checkout, the lady who scanned my book looked personally OFFENDED by my choice in literature? She even made one of those 'scoffs" like "humph" when she rang it up.

This post is not meant to be whiny, in fact I wasn't even offended myself, when I left I was more wondering why someone can be SO insecure with their faith that my choice in what I want to read offends them. If /I/ was a cashier and someone bought a bible, I wouldn't mock them, I wouldn't look offended by their choice in their purchase. My JOB is to ring their purchase up, collect payment, and wish them a good-day. Not cast judgement on their reading or lifestyle.

Eminem313 out


What a truly awful day...

Mike 06/12/2016

My heart is aching for all the friends, partners and families who're currently desperate to know if their loved ones are still alive. Struggling between hope and grief. I can't imagine what they must be going through right now. It must be awful not knowing.

In an attempt to end the day on a lighter note, and in honour of LGBT pride month, I figured I'd share these images that Hayden Byerly (Jude from The Fosters) has posted today, of himself at the LA Pride parade this afternoon.

Love conquers all.

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Hey Com, Pete

Johnny 06/12/2016

Rikki lives in Orlando as you know. I don’t know if either of you have his email addy he’s been a Shacker from almost the beginning. If either of you have it maybe you could mail him to check him out. From things he’s said he does a bit of clubbing I know Orlando is a big place and probably has several gay clubs but it would be good to know he’s OK. Hopefully he was signed up to receive the newletters.