My experience with Atheist(ical) discrimination

eminem313 06/13/2016,

So on Saturday I decided to take a trip down to Chapters to buy a new book (I'm almost finished Bill Nye's Undeniable) and I heard Kyle from Secular Talk recommend "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins so I decided to get it.

I hope all of you know I am a very respectful person in my day-to-day life. I went to a Catholic high-school. I believe in the constitution and freedom. So I have ZERO problem with religious people, (except radicals)

So why was it when I went to the checkout, the lady who scanned my book looked personally OFFENDED by my choice in literature? She even made one of those 'scoffs" like "humph" when she rang it up.

This post is not meant to be whiny, in fact I wasn't even offended myself, when I left I was more wondering why someone can be SO insecure with their faith that my choice in what I want to read offends them. If /I/ was a cashier and someone bought a bible, I wouldn't mock them, I wouldn't look offended by their choice in their purchase. My JOB is to ring their purchase up, collect payment, and wish them a good-day. Not cast judgement on their reading or lifestyle.

Eminem313 out

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  • Mike ,

    And you're in Canada, right? Interesting.

    I know it's a common thing in the US, I wasn't aware of the situation in Canada. Is it a generational thing? Maybe the younger ones are more blasé about the whole issue, and older people still care about it.

    I haven't really suffered from any form of discrimination myself (apart from some annoyance during my time in primary school). I don't think it's much of a problem in the UK. Most of us really don't care one way or another about what each other believes as long as we're left alone.

    Richard Dawkins is a brilliant author. I have all his books (including The God Delusion, which he felt compelled to write after decades of Young Earth Creationists attacking science) - most of which are written on the topic of biology and not the topic of religion or gods. I've also met him at a book signing after watching one of his science lectures, and he's a really sweet and genuine guy despite what some people say.

    Some critics have attacked him because he's a scientist who's written a best-selling 'god-bashing' book. But they don't seem to have an issue with other scientists who've written their own books trying to affirm their religious beliefs. It's OK for them to have an opinion, but apparently not for Dawkins.

    Anyway, out of all his books, I would recommend reading:

    The Greatest Show On Earth.
    The Blind Watchmaker.
    And, The Ancestor's Tale.

    All of them are books on the subject of evolution and human origins. If you want to read layman books on the subject, then Dawkins is your guy.

    And if you're really interested in the whole religion / atheism issue, then I recommend to you a guy on YouTube called 'Theoretical Bullshit'.He's pretty much the smartest guy I've heard speak on the issue of religion, philosophy, theology and atheism, etc. It also helps that he's easy on the eyes too. 🙂

    He has made quite a few videos on the subject. The link to the one I posted below is probably the best one to introduce him by.


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    • eminem313 ,

      I guess "discrimination" is a bit of a strong word, I think "prejudice" would have been more accurate?

      Either way, I was surprised myself. Perhaps your right about it being a generation thing, I don't think younger people are very religious anyway. Sure there are some but the overwhelming majority of young people are secular by choice and IF they're religious, it's by birth. (America / Canada)

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  • Akoplay ,

    O_O But... But... It's... It's... ... Wait... What's his name? *Checks on Wikipedia.* It's Scott Clifton! The guy playing... *Checks on Wikipedia again.* Liam Spencer from The Bold and the Beautiful! My rents watch it a lot. And while I don't get into it too much (I did once upon a time, because that shit is addictive, and even watching ONE fucking episode because you're "forced" too can get you hooked even though you know it's shit), I see that guy there pretty often. And I always found him hot, since his appearance. But since I don't really get into the celeb' thing, I never went beyond that. And now I find out that he's even smart! Wow! Though, I might argue with him on some points.

    Anyway, my experience on the matter, is that I never had any religious people being biased against me (I'm agnostic). They do exist, but I have been lucky enough to never personally meet one. Though, I met plenty of atheists talking about religious people like stupid and irrational children who don't know their shit. Or treat their religions like it's some shitty soap opera or something. Or as if religion is some sort of plag, and as if getting rid of it would suddenly make the planet a peaceful world without war or killed kitten. Right! As if capitalism, pseudo-science (but it was considered real science at the time), political believes or such didn't do as much victims as religion.

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    • Mike ,

      Yes it is Scot. I must admit I haven't watched any of his stuff on TV, but I am aware that he's a somewhat famous actor.

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    • eminem313 ,

      That's so horrible! WHY is there so much violence directed to / from the religious communities 🙁

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