Hey Com, Pete

Johnny 06/12/2016,

Rikki lives in Orlando as you know. I don’t know if either of you have his email addy he’s been a Shacker from almost the beginning. If either of you have it maybe you could mail him to check him out. From things he’s said he does a bit of clubbing I know Orlando is a big place and probably has several gay clubs but it would be good to know he’s OK. Hopefully he was signed up to receive the newletters.

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  • Pete ,

    Johnny, I checked through my email list and I don't have an email address for Rikki (RickGayAZ).

    If anyone else has it, please send him an email and have him check in here - CSOB.me

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  • RickGayAZ ,

    Still here. I pass by Pulse 6 days or so a week on the way to and from work. My shopping is done by Michigan Ave, just south of the tragedy. Only been in there couple of times. Will check Rickgayaz at yahoo dot com just after i send this.

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    • rickgayaz ,

      still crying with all that's going on, all the reminders, stopping at the store and seeing all the blockage just up the street, the heightened security at the hotel, the flag at half-mast in front of the door, downtown orlando street blocked off by city hall/phillips performing arts center for the vigil as i went home (normally drive past it) tonight, sitting in Orange County's Emergency Operations Center in a meeting (was not activated but the Orlando city EOC was - meeting next week there -maybe). It's all lot hard when you have no one around you, who knows you - so i urge anyone to just find at least one close person to be friends with near you. Part of why I was in meetings - I'm in Ham radio emergency response groups and have all the federal/state radio frequencies that get put into play when disasters hit and can monitor.

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