What the heck is up with Voy? Why are we here?

Voy's been awfully naughty lately. Although we haven't heard news regarding the problem, it's been down far longer than it's ever been. That's why we recreated the forum here - so that we'd still have a place to go until Voy comes back up.

If/When Voy comes back online, will we move back there?

Probably. That decision is up to Comicality. He's the Big Cheese. 😀 However, we'll keep this place ready for any and all emergencies.

Do I need an account to participate?

No! Anyone is free to read, reply, and create new posts on the forum without any restrictions. Because of this, we hold new posts and comments until a moderator can check them out and make sure bad guys aren't posting bad things. Your message will be approved as soon as possible. However, this can sometimes take a few hours, depending on moderator availability.

Can anyone make an account?

Yes! 😀 Anyone can make an account for free. All you need is a valid email address, to confirm that you're a real person, and super-secret password in mind. To create an account, click on the "Join us!" link at the top-right corner of the screen and fill out the form. It'll only take a minute.

Are there benefits to having an account?

Again, yes! When you have an account, you can keep track of all of your posts, receive emails to new replies to your messages or a new private message, make friends with other member and engage them in private messages, away from the board.

You also gain the ability to add an avatar (profile image) making yourself more recognizable to everyone on the forum. You can also upload a cover image to your member page to add a little extra flare.

Most importantly, all members of can use their CSOB account on the entire CSOB network. These sites include: The GFD Bloodbank, Imagine Magazine, and The Tribe Forum. Your username and password are the same on all four websites. Better still, if you receive a private message or notification while you're logged in to any of these websites, you'll be able to be notified and reply to private messages directly from the website you're currently visiting. Cool, huh?

How do I embed images and videos in my posts?

Paste the link! You don't need the embed codes in most cases. Simply grab the link from Vimeo or YouTube and paste it in the text box. It will convert automatically when the post is approved. The same deal goes for most images. Paste the link, making sure the link you have ends with a .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif

If an image ends in .html or .php or with a "/", then the image might not embed properly.

We're working on making this process easier. Please stay tuned.

How do I post images in my replies to someone's post?

Currently, you can't. 🙁 We really had to rush to get this place online, so not all of the features that you're used to are available yet. We're working on fixing the problem, just in case we're here for a while.