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Voy has risen from the dead...

Mike 06/15/2016

As of right now, the old site is back online.

Here's a link for those who need it.

Edit - Although I'm not sure how useful it is right now, since it's not currently possible to log into the admin console to approve posts etc.

I think it's only just gone back up perhaps they're still working on that part. But at least some progress has been made.

Kudos to William.

Mike 06/15/2016


This is pretty big. And couldn't have come at a better time.

Personally, I'm a republican (small r), but Will deserves mucho respect for doing this.

I mean think about it, the future British king (or whatever the official title is) on the cover page for a gay magazine, lending his support for the LGBT community. He's the first royal to do so

Although they could have picked a better cover shot. 😛

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