What a truly awful day...

Mike 06/12/2016,

My heart is aching for all the friends, partners and families who're currently desperate to know if their loved ones are still alive. Struggling between hope and grief. I can't imagine what they must be going through right now. It must be awful not knowing.

In an attempt to end the day on a lighter note, and in honour of LGBT pride month, I figured I'd share these images that Hayden Byerly (Jude from The Fosters) has posted today, of himself at the LA Pride parade this afternoon.

Love conquers all.

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3 thoughts on “What a truly awful day...

  • Jake ,

    Truly a tragedy. I'm devestated. It's horrible. Worst terror attack since 9/11 and it happened to the gay community. 🙁

    Though honestly it wouldn't matter what community it happened to, it'd be devestating either way but still. Truly awful and what a disgusting sicko who did the killing.

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    • Anonymous ,

      Worst terror attack in the US since 9/11. Pretty sure Paris beats this when you look even at just the Western World.

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  • Mike Post author,

    Absolutely. It could have happened to any community and it would be just as tragic. Obviously being LGBT this one particularly hit home for us. :/

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